Life Is Changing…

I’m not sure where you are, but I am in a new space in my life.  My Boy is 17 and life is
IMG_6637changing.  I’ve never been the Mom that was ever concerned about the “terrible two’s”, starting school, turning 13, 16 and driving, etc.  I have always embraced all of that.  Things are changing.  I get that.  But, now I’m questioning that.  Am I ready for this?  I mean, am I?  When my Son turned 16 nothing really changed.  Actually, it was nice.  He went to the store for us, would go get gas in my car if asked.  No biggy.  It was a nice convenience.  Then he got a job.  That was good because, he needed to make his own money.  He really liked his job.  Then he started texting and asking if he could go out to “Bob’s” after work.  No, big deal.  Then the movies.

Whatever.  I did all of this too.  Right?  I did, right?!  Well, then the weekend would come and my husband and I were bored stiff.  Last summer my husband was like, “Let’s go to Costco.”  I was like, “Oh, we can’t, I don’t have a list.”  I always had a list because my Son wanted to spend the least amount of time in Costco that he could.  The list kept me on track.  My husband said, “You don’t need a list anymore…”  True.  So we were off.    2.5 hours and 2 carts later, we left.  It was kind of fun and THAT was when IT was happening.  Life was changing.  My Kid is growing up and there is not a thing I can do about it…  *sniff*  After that Costco moment, I realized I needed to get over this whole thing and move on.  Fine.  Things went back to normal.  Or so I thought…

About 3 months ago, my Son and I started traveling to Colleges.  We went to 4 Colleges total.  It hit me that this was happening.  He was a Junior in High School.  OMG!  That means he is almost a SENIOR!!  It hit me again–I’m not sure about this.  In fact I was getting scared.  Kind of nervous.  At one point I tell my husband this.  He tells me he’s not going to have any issues because he will be moving with our Boy.  That, of course, cracked me up.  Again, I got over it.  I mean, I have to, right?  Yeah.  I, guess.


Well, now it is different, in  different kind of way.  What do we do on weekends?  My husband and I?  Last weekend my husband cleaned all of our kitchen cabinets and then proceeded to oil them.  Oil them?  Who does that?  He then got on his hands an knees and scrubbed the tile floor.  With bleach and a tooth brush.  This weekend I cleaned out all of our cabinets, pantry and fridge.  It took a whole day.  Not fun.

The hubs decided to clean up our boat.  Open it up for the summer.  Hose it down, Change the oil and gas.  The week prior, we decided to sell it.  Bummer for me as I LOVE to take the boat out.  It puts my mind at ease.  I need it.  But, now we have a kiddo that will be leaving and is at the point that taking time out of his day is a hassle to come with us and “go boating…”  I get it.  So, it is time to sell.  I guess.  My husband was shocked that I suggested this.  But totally got it.  So he cleaned her up.  We were going to take her out and make sure she was good to sell.  Fine.


My husband told me he would be ready to go in about 25 minutes.  I then changed my clothes, put on sun screen and was ready.  I then remembered all of our fun water trips.  Countless time on the Columbia; Lake Chelan and Lake Wenatchee.  My boy a his buddies learning to water ski.  Tubing on the back.  The fun.  Then I remember all of the teachings.  Why we have to put on sun screen.  Over and over again.  Don’t ask me why.  Just do it.  Your life jackets are on, right?  Do we have enough life jackets?  Did I feel like so and so is a strong enough swimmer?  He knows how to swim, right?  We brought enough food, right?  What about water?  Is there enough?  Is there a store close–just in case?  Do they get bored easy?  How long is to long?  What if they have to go potty?  Are they okay with going over the edge of the boat–with a Mom in the boat that is putting her hands over her eyes?  If not, how convenient is it to get to a potty?  This is the crap I am still thinking about.  I didn’t have to today.


We had such a good time today.  No kids.  No lunch packing.  Yes, we did have a potty stop-for ME!  Sun screen was on point.  Hubs packed me an Iced Tea.  The weather was awesome!  Don’t get me started on Pontoon Boat Guy that had never launched a boat before…  But it was a blast.


As I was missing my boy, or was it feeling guilty?  Not sure.  He was at work.  I called him.  I wanted to know if he could see us?  As we waved–like he could tell…  He said yes he could–and then sent us this picture.  It is us out on the boat, while he was at work.  This is our new life.

By the way, we are no longer selling the boat.


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