A Couple of Things You May Know. Or Not.


What you may or may NOT know about me is that I LOVE books.  I love to read.  REALLY love to read.  If I could just read all day long, everyday and just not function, I might do it.  It brings me peace.  And makes me happy.  And content.  My Mom used to be a reader.  She LOVED to read.  Reading seems to be a struggle for her now.  She still reads her People magazine that she gets weekly, but it takes her about a week to read it.  It is still what she asks for every Christmas, though.  She used to read fast.  And read a lot of Louis L’amour books.  I’ve never read one, but I should.  I will some day.  She still has all of those books.  She never wanted to get rid of books.  I GET it. I can’t part with books either.  I love them.  My husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas one year.  I was so happy to get it.  It was so easy.  You could just order a “book” and poof!  It was there.  It just showed up.  They were even cheap.  I mean, who doesn’t love a cheap book?  The Kindle thing lasted for about 6 months.  And I really only “liked” it for 3-ish.  I forced myself to use it.  I just like a book.  The smell.  The feel.

As I am on my own time tonight, in a town that is not my own, am away from my family, don’t have to cook, clean, take the dog out, etc.  I decided to walk around, in downtown.  I am staying in Spokane.  In the middle of down town.  Right in the middle.  I am at an Elections Conference.  Tonight my co-workers are on their own.  One had to go home a day early (due to sons Kindergarten graduation) and one was going to do dinner with her niece, that happens to live here.  So what does that mean for me?  I walked around.  Got some dinner, walked to the park–you know–the one with the Carousal?  The park that has those goats that you stick your garbage in front of and it eats it?  That tall building with the clock?  This is the park I remember so well because this is where my Gramma and I would go to as a kid.  She lived in Spokane for years.  I remember her when I am here.  She was so fun.  Anyway, now that park has “updated” things.  A water-spray park.  Food trucks.  The carousal is covered.  How long has it been covered?

Anyway, on my way back to the hotel, I stopped at a book store.  Aunties Bookstore (www.auntiesbooks.com).  It’s right across for the hotel that I am staying at.  The last time I was here, I wanted to stop there and didn’t.  Looked at it several times, walked by it even more.  I did today.  It was glorious.  It had THE smell.  The books were divine.  I loved how they were in order.  How they were put on the shelf.  How they had notes on some that the staff recommended.  I love that.  It made me so happy.  I saw a kid moving a book cart around.  Using it to make a new end cap.  With new, fun bookmarks.  I saw my favorite book.  I read it at least once every two to three years.  I’m sure you have, too.  I will give you a couple of hints–Atticus?  Scout?  Yes, I had To Kill A Mockingbird in my hand.  Why? I own it.  Mine is old.  Has been read so many times.  The new one was pretty.  It hadn’t been opened.  Ever.  I put it back down.  I wanted to go buy a book mark.  I didn’t.  I just left; after 45 minutes.  It was my kind of fun.


Another thing you may or may not know.  I love Subway.  It makes me happy.  My husband REFUSES to take me there.  He says it is the biggest waste of money.  My Son takes advantage of this.  He loves Subway, too.   When we are not around Chris (the hubs) he always wants to go there and of course, I say YES!  My sandwich goes something like this- 12 inches / on wheat / 3 pieces of ham / white cheese / very light mayo.  And that is it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The person that is making it, always says, “Three pieces of ham?  That’s it?” Yes, that’s it.  Well, I put chips on it too.  Lays.  Plain Lays.  Sometimes Doritos.  Whatever my mood.  As I am on my own for dinner tonight, I walked to Subway.  About 5 blocks.  Totally worth it.  The kid today asked me if I would like to take the extra ham that I would have normally had on the sandwich, home.  No.  No, thank you.  What would you do with that?  Eat it later?  Eww.  No.  But, thank you.  They also never know how to ring it up.  They feel bad, I guess?  Some charge me regularly.  Some charge me as a kids sandwich.  Today the kid said to start having people charge me for a vegetarian sandwich with 3 pieces of ham.  It would be cheaper.  I wont; but good to know…!


1 thought on “A Couple of Things You May Know. Or Not.”

  1. Andrea, i did not know you were an avid book reader. I too love to read but my addiction is not as great as yours and many if my friends. I do love my kindle because it is lighter than the books and easy to read at night or anywhere. Also, i can fall asleep and not hit myself with it. We had to postpone our vacation so hope we can see you later this summer when we get there. Love Aunt Beano


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