What is your favorite holiday?  Mine is Thanksgiving.  Turkey Day.  It is the  holiday that I remember the most as a kid. My Mom was never the “good cook”.  As an adult, we have had many funny conversations about her cooking.  Come to find out she hated cooking.  Still does.  I remember when I moved out, my roommate introduced me to food things.  I never knew what garlic was.  Or an avocado.  We were the family that had the same thing on every Monday, Tuesday, etc.  Monday’s were always pork roast.  Every Monday.  My Mom’s tacos were horrible.  She browned meat and put a can of tomato sauce in it.  Nasty.  What kind of pizza did she order?  Hamburger.  Oh, with extra cheese.  Yes, hamburger with extra cheese.  This was my normal.  I knew nothing different.  Until I moved out.

Needless to say, I remember good “food” things about Thanksgiving.  My Mom made a good stuffing.  She actually stuffed the bird.  Her potatoes were lumpy.  Lumpy, but good.  My Dad started making them in about Middle School.  They were much better.  He was the better cook.  Still is.  He doesn’t cook much now, but he can still cook; good.  Our turkeys were always so good.  We ate for days. I would eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sandwiches.  They were divine.  My Dad always bought the best bread, too.  The leftovers were the best.  I’m so thankful for these kind of memories.  I hold them close.

As I get older, I want to make sure my son has great memories.  Food, travel, etc.  I want him to hold those kind-of things close.

As I was at work today, my phone rang.  My Sisters name and number came up.  When your parents are my parents age, your not quite sure that is a good thing, or not.  She told me she was leaving the ER with our Dad.  My Mom had fallen and broke her nose and her arm.

I thank God every day for the good things in my life.  I am thankful.  I am fortunate.  My family and Friends make for a good life.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I am thankful for so much GOOD.


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