HS Graduation. From A Mom Of One. It Is Happening. Am I Ready?!

Life becomes weird at times.  Like now.  My boy is about to graduate HS.  I have NEVER been that Mom that “couldn’t believe”, at what state her kiddo was in.  ie. OMG!  I can’t believe he is in his terrible two’s…  I can’t believe he is in the 2nd grade!…  Is your kid a picky eater like mine?   I was never like that.  I took it all in stride.  Did some things annoy me?  Of course.  Did he drive me C-R-A-Z-Y?  Yep.  Still does.

I have tried to take in all of the life moments in stride.  Embrace them.  Share it with others.  Excited about the next things in life.  However, this whole graduation thing just hit me in the face.  I started addressing Calvin’s Graduation Notices — is that what you call them?  Or is it “invite’s”?  And yes – I am addressing them.  I just don’t think it is a busy kids thing to do.  If you don’t agree, that’s cool.  I’m pretty sure my kiddo will thank me in the end…  And wow – it is THAT time.  Graduation.  He has been in school since September of 2006.  He Graduates in June of 2019.  June 7th. 36 more days…  I remember the day he started Kindergarten.  He had the teacher everybody warned me about.  You know that teacher where that back room is a disaster?  I’m glad I didn’t listen to you — we loved her and her mess.  We love running into her.  Still.  Now he is about to walk in his blue cap and gown.  Red and blue tassel.  We have been in the same school district for all of his schooling.  I have LOVED every minute of Eastmont.  I know there a a few that see my kid and want to run.  Yeah–sometimes I do too.  We know who you are.  It’s okay.

I look back and simply thank God for all of the parents that helped me with my Village.  I hoped I helped you, in return.  There have been some true friendships with a lot of you.  Our closeness has mattered.  I will treasure it forever.  There are others, that, I’m sure, you are glad we will no longer be around you and yours.  I’m fine with that too.  I’ve learned to let go and be happy with that.  You probably are too.

I will miss the kiddos the most.  The sleep overs.  Buying doughnuts and milk for the morning.  I will miss the loud music that wakes me up.  I will miss hearing the kiddos talk in the hot tub.  I will miss the pool parties.  The pizza’s.  Explaining to all of the kids how important it is to douse yourself in sun screen.  That being tan isn’t that cool.  I make sure there is always a Bible in site.  Just in case.  I will miss everybody’s phone going off.  You know that beep, beep, beep, that inevitably drives you nuts.  I will miss doing laundry and wondering who’s shirt I am actually folding.  Setting it aside, hoping Calvin actually gives it to the right person.  The crazy-loud music from my kids car as he opens the garage door.  Our house is a Hub.  The house people can show up at, at any time.  No questions asked.  It’s the fun, safe place.  Parents trust it.  The kids love our animals.  Well, they love the cat.  The dog drives them nuts.  But they put up with her.  I will miss the kids leaving to play golf.  I will miss hearing about the game.  How did you play?  I will miss this.  All of it.

I know it’s almost time.  These kids are going to FLY high.  One is finally getting to move where Mom is.  Already has work lined up.  One is college bound with my kiddo and they will be roommates.  One is wanting to go to a tech school or a CC, but close to his gal pal.  One is going to college in another state.  It’s close, but yet so far.  One is going to college out of the country.  He got a scholarship to play football.  Are they ready??  Their Mom’s aren’t.  Either are their Dad’s.  But, it’s the next step.  I did it.  It’s just that I’m the Mom now.  It hurts.

I’m excited, too.  This is a new life for us parents, as well.  What does that entail?  When I find out, I will let you know…. *tear*




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