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CJH; April, 2022

On Sunday, my Son’s GF texted me a picture of my Son. (^^That picture^^)They were at a restaurant, having dinner. Spring break was ending and eating out was probably the last thing they needed before starting their new quarter. Or at least that is what this Mom thinks. The picture just made me happy.

I look at life so differently now. I’m a Mom of Bigs. My Son is a big kid now. He doesn’t need me. Or does he? He has proven that he can buy his own groceries; cook; go to school and work. He doesn’t come home much anymore. His time frame is very lean now. Making any commitments on his end is hard. It’s not just a school thing – it’s now a school AND work thing. So, our time with him is limited, too.

My Husband and I went on our first vacation without him – a few weeks ago. It was weird. Not worrying about him. Did we order him a snack for the plane ride? Did he eat? Did he get enough sun screen spray on him? Is he at the pool or the beach? Did he go back to the room? Can I read a book or should I make sure he is swimming and not at the bottom of the pool? Is the hot tub too hot? Will he know it’s to hot? He wants to go grab some musubi across the street – is that okay? He would leave and I would go look and made sure he didn’t get hit by a car. I would immediately, go back to my pool chair – just so no one know what I was doing – my kid would never knew and my Husband would just think I went the the bathroom.

Now that I’ve been home for a few weeks – I look back and think – what the hell?! No wonder I’m medicated! I need to turn it off! Bah! Here’s the thing – my kid is 21!! I still worry about him like he is three. Why?! He was raised right. He’s a fab kid. He is soooo loved.

He has had the same GF for a few years now – we love her – they are super great together. Because of her I don’t worry much about him being away at school. I now know someone else that loves him just as much as I do – is taking care of him. I still worry. It is getting easier… The Lord knew I only needed one… TYJ

Love, A


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