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So, as a lot of you know, my parents are moving into a Assisted Living facility within the next few weeks. This change is big. Big for all of us. They are moving out of the home they have been in, close to 30 years. Change is good, right?

Today as I was packing their stuff, my Dad asked if I could help him buzz his head. He has noticed that the chemo has gotten to his hair. He brushed it the other day and noticed clumps of hair coming out. I told him, “of course…” I started and realized I really sucked at the clippers. I told him that there for sure was a reason I wasn’t a barber. He laughed. After words he says, “let me do my beard myself.” Of course, he still wants to do his own thing. I let him go to town. One side was better than the other. One hand works better. He made sure I double checked his longs hairs. I got ’em.

“I would like to do my beard myself…”

Lastly, I was cleaning out my parents’ laundry room. I found this gem. My Mom has this tacked up in her laundry room…? You know, back in the 80’s/90’s when you got the freebie 11X14 print? This is it. Really??!!

I guess we decided it was a denim theme?? Annie & Sami.