Mana. THE Place To Go. Period.

Mana. Gorgeous. Divine.

So, I just have to share… I typically don’t do “Local Reviews” if you will, but – I have to share this with you.

My Husband and I were invited to go out to dinner with some clients of his. We went to this place about 45 minutes away from home. In Leavenworth, WA or known as German Town. (Check it out… https://leavenworth.org/ ) They invited us to a restaurant that was off the main street; in a cute house; that was yellow; that was just cute. It is called, Mana. Due to COVID-19, we ate outside in a clear structure. (The main house is open, just at 25%) It fit four of us. The chairs were white and looked cool. We had bright orange blankies if we wanted to wrap up in one – or just put it on your lap. It was warm. The lighting was awesome. The set up was simple – the way I like it. But, it seemed grand. It was grand, in so many ways. The help was freaking fabulous. Not only were they kind, they really knew their stuff. We did a wine pairing and they really could speak that language. …The wine pairing, BTW, was perfection. They know what they are doing. My Husband and his buddy drank a few IPA’s. They both decided to have the servers just pick them out, for them. Not only did they like doing it, but they made it so fun, too. The dinner was 5 courses. Took almost 2 hours, but the service was so awesome! The food is clean. Organic. It felt right. It may seem like I am going on and on, but truly, this was such a fun experience. The food (check out the menu) was so.damn.good. There was not anything I would have changed. Nothing.

Go Check it out!! Just go to the link. You will see everything that I am talking about.



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