Deciding To Go Gray

I mean, gray?  My “normal” hair is really brown.  Like dark brown.  Almost black.  I’ve been getting grays since my early 20’s.  I just pulled them out.  No biggy.  They went away and I moved on.  My Gramma had hair like me.  The same color of brown.  She was gray all of the years I knew her.  My Mom was early gray and so was her Brother, my Uncle – who is now white, BTW…  My Mom dyed her hair for YEARS  She hasn’t now for several years because she can’t get around and doesn’t drive.  So she went gray.  It’s weird.  I don’t really like it.  Her looks different; not just the color.  I remember when I was in College and would come home and we would be having a conversation and the random grays were like in the shape of a question marks attached to her head.  I don’t want that.  Does that happen to everyone that does gray?  Random question marks?  My Gramma didn’t have those.  Or did she?  I guess I’m not sure.

The reason why I decided to go gray is because, I am simply tired of being a slave to my hair.  I’ve been dyeing it since high school and for the last five years, it has become an issue.  Lets face it, gray does not “dye”.  I get my hair done, two weeks later (and that is a stretch) the gray is screaming at me when I look in the mirror.  Gross.  Honestly, the ONLY reason I have waited so long is because, I LOVE my hairdresser.  I have been going to her for like 15 years.  She knows A LOT about me and I could tell you a lot about her.  The thought of not meeting up with her every couple of months for a minimal two hours is just devastating.  Seriously.  She is my personal Therapist.  She gets me.  We totally understand each other.  That’s really the reason I haven’t gone gray.  I will miss that.  Now I will just be there for a hair cut.  That will probably last two hours…

But the gray…  Let’s face it, I could grow out the gray and go back.  And I may.

One thing that is weird about gray; it’s really glittery.  Really.

Anyhow, I will keep you posted.  All could change in a few months or a year.  But here’s to going gray!  Cheers!!

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