Slow Down. You Don’t Have A Choice. Just Do It.


Corona Virus.   It’s been a weird “thing”.  My Freshman College Student (Go Eags!) is now home for Spring quarter (online only) and the summer.  He came, was supposed to be home for the summer; work, hang out with his buddies, golf, etc.  Now he’s home for 5 months.  The Mom heart is full – His??  Not so much.  You know- the GF lives 3 hours away; he had to move out of the dorm; no on-site classes, and lets face it we are boring as hell.

We were supposed to leave for Hawaii today.  We cancelled late Thursday.  We all needed a break.  It’s not going to happen.  We were worried about the flights.  Can you get this virus up in the air?  People go crazy and say YES.  My boss who is a retired Navy flight guy, did tell me that it is harder to catch this virus up in the air than we all realize.  I believe him.  He looked at the golf courses the boys wanted to go to.  They are still open.  Last minute and a family talk, we came to the decision, that enough was enough.  Super glad we did.  What we didn’t know, was the place that we were staying, closed all of their pools-they have several.  The beach is public, however, the hotel took all of their chairs and cabanas off site.  They are open, however, we would have been stuck in our room.  There literally would not be a thing to do – well, except read… (I would love that!!)  Boring!  We are truly glad of our decision.  Alaska, our airline was FABULOUS! (www.alaskaair.com)   They were kind, they refunded all of our funds and we did not have to do any re-booking at this moment.  We have a few new dates – BUT, we just don’t know when this is going to end…

For the first time EVER – we had an on-line church sermon, last Sunday.  Weird?  No, it felt right.  Next week we get a drive through Communion.  I love it AND I will be there.  My Connection Group has been texting each other like crazy.  Holding each of us up, telling us where to find TP, etc.  Prayer and grace.  That is what will get you through this.  Keep praying and keep up the grace.

It’s so sad the people that are without work.  So unexpected.  The not knowing; it’s awful.  My Husband and I are both now working from home.  And our kid is home from College.  Times are so different.  None of us really know what to do.  Just be thankful.  Tell someone how thankful you for them.

What is your new, NEW?  This is mine.


Hiking.  It is hard.  It’s challenging.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s fun.  It’s mental.  It is where I am supposed to be.  Lost.  In the hills…

Be thankful.  Even for this unknown.


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